Tractor Ripping Beach Plastic

Stop tractors from shredding plastic on our beaches!

This past week while making a few phone calls while walking on the beach I realized how much damage these tractors are doing. Instead of combing the beach and properly sifting through sand and removing debris these tractors are merely rolling over plastic and shredding it into much smaller pieces that are much harder to clean up. This is also making the small pieces of plastic easier for sea turtles and other creatures to mistake as food and ingest.

While looking for a photo for this post I realized that the problem is likely caused by not using the right sifting equipment on the back of the tractors. Whatever the cause it is now nearly impossible to take more than three steps in South Palm Beach and not see tiny shredded pieces of plastic.

We need to ban these tractors from doing further damage and set a mandate that each buildings’ association dedicate one man hour per-day to manually clean up debris on the beach behind their respective building. We also need to ensure that each building has proper trash and recycle bins near all beach entrances so that it is conducive to residents picking up and disposing of trash.

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Tractor Ripping Beach Plastic

Tractor Ripping Beach Plastic

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